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The Larson Davis SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter is extremely versatile, 
performing the functions of several instruments. It puts the combined features of a precision Class 1 sound level meter, environmental noise analyzer, and a real-time frequency analyzer in the palm of your hand or on a network. It expands upon the Larson Davis tradition of delivering value, innovation, and function in a rugged, single-handed, expandable package and is backed by a 2-year factory warranty, 24-hour application support, total customer satisfaction, and accredited factory service/calibration.

Solutions with Your Meter

Easy Setup and Data Download

   SoundAdvisor offers setup directly on the
   meters keypad, touchscreen, or via web
   interface, plus streamlined export of data to
ANY LEVEL™ Never miss a key sound
   metric with the ability to view 
and store multiple
   time weightings (Slow, Fast, and Impulse) and
   frequency weightings (A, C, and Z)
Flexibility for Integration Designed to
   allow integration into a larger or customized
   solution, SoundAdvisor allows connection of
   accessories, internal clock for accurate data
   synchronization, and local
   language compatibility.

Solutions with Your Outdoor Kit

Data on Demand Access the meter from
   any location to make modifications to the
   setup, view current noise levels, and modify
Instant Alerts Receive immediate
   notification of noise events and use the
   recorded sound files to evaluate the cause.
Long Term Remote Power Lithium Iron
   Phosphate batteries paired with a solar 
   panel offer a continuous, sustainable means
   to keep your measurements running.
Avoid Trips To the Field With access
   to measurements, event alerts, and
   continuous power, you can spend time in the
   office, rather than travelling to reach remote


Cellular, WiFi, or Wired Networking Select
   your network by choosing what to plug into the USB
   port. You can choose cellular by using a Sierra
   Wireless gateway for mobile or permanent
   applications, WiFi for close proximity wireless, and
   wired (Ethernet) for permanent locations. A USB hub
   can be used to support multiple USB devices.
Expandable USB Memory Easily expand the
   831C memory by adding a USB memory stick. Data is
   written directly to the USB memory so it's always
   available and the data is protected if the USB
   memory is accidentally removed.


Standard Features

Web Interface
Control the SoundAdvisor and view data from any 
device that runs a web browser.
NTP Time Sync and GPS Network Time Protocol automatically selects the most accurate
   clock from several sources and synchronizes the meter for accurate measurement times.
External Batteries Power directly from 12 V batteries for efficient power usage and long run
Built-In Power Management Safely power the meter off based upon battery voltage.
   Compatible with solar systems.
ANY LEVEL™ Measure levels simultaneously.
Run Modes Control how and when the SoundAdvisor will operate to best match measurement
   conditions. Choices include a manual mode; stop after a predetermined period of time; run
   continuously with automatic calibration check and file save; and defined timers.

Supported PC Software

G4 LD Utility [INCLUDED] PC software supplied with the SoundAdvisor that supports full sound
   level meter control, in-the-field firmware and option upgrades, data export to spreadsheet, and
   includes a remote display to view the 831C screen on a PC.
DNA [OPTIONAL] The analysis, post-processing, and reporting tool for sound and vibration
   measurements. DNA delivers enhanced analysis capability, sound playback, and graphical
   reporting. Graphs can be annotated and shared amongst multiple users working with DNA
   reader software.
Software Development Kit (SDK) [OPTIONAL] Toolkit for developing custom applications in
   Microsoft Windows® or Linux® for the Model 831C 
Common Firmware Options 

When performing noise surveys, it is important to have a fully capable sound level meter at your fingertips to capture all of the essential data. Have you ever lost your measurement notes, or worse, forgotten to log the information properly and then had to either go back and reacquire the data altogether or simply not report it? SoundAdvisor is available with a variety of firmware options to help you achieve your testing goals the first time.

Octave Band Analysis 831C-OB3 Simultaneous real-time measurement of 1/1 and 1/3 octave
   Leq, Lmax, Lmin along with broadband parametersbroadband parameters.
Logging 831C-LOG Select Time History logging periods as short as 2.5 ms to a full 24 hours.
   Additional parameters such as battery condition, microphone performance, and meteorological
   data (831C-WTHR) can be recorded
Event Detection and Measurement History 831C-ELA  Define an Event in terms of threshold
   level, duration, hysteresis, and continuation period.
Sound Recording 831C-SR Record audio files in a raw or compressed format to determine the
   source of the noise event
Direct USB Support for RV50 Gateway 831C-SW Connect the SoundAdvisor by USB to a
   wireless gateway to create a highly portable noise monitor.




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